Update #7 "God of Skies"

Hello everyone, the new update is here. I have university exam next year. So I'm focused on classes now. Also I am working on a Minecraft server as a plugin developer.  I have only 15-20 minutes for Lonest.  And I had to rewrite to many scripts because of day-night system. Whatever, Changelog:

- New Weather system. Now you can fell the rain.

- New day - night system with stars!

- Hand-made puddles. (I worked on that too much)

- Removed in-game music.

- Added a test boat with physics. (You can play with that, the game is not walking simulator now. Yay!)

- Black square dots fixed. (Hopefully)

I started making characters with Mixamo fuse. I am not good at 3d modelling and I'm alone with developing this game. I will add multiplayer feature after 3d models.



lonest-windows.zip 376 MB
Version 9 Sep 05, 2017
lonest-windows-demo.zip 376 MB
Version 3 Sep 05, 2017

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