Update #5 "Seasons Update"

Here the new update!


- Some water physics added!

- Rain system created.

- Underwater design is started.

- Now you can collect rocks and sticks. (But you can't use them for now)

- UI icons for rocks and sticks.

- Added LODs for some objects.

- Re-textured terrain.

- Fixed some bugs.

- Big performance improvements.

Known Bugs:

- Random black square dots.

- Rain comes with big fps drops because of puddles. I will create new algorithm for random objects in floor. (like sticks, rocks and these puddles)I 

[I fixed that bug when i was writing that devlog. (I'm really  big idiot, its duplicating terrain 50 times instead of placing puddles) Now no more big fps drops. But i should write new algorithm as i said before. Because its really cuts from performance]

Have nice day and wait for new awesome updates in this week!


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Version 2 Aug 07, 2017
lonest-windows.zip 376 MB
Version 8 Aug 07, 2017

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