Update #4 "Builders Update"

Now I am here with new update.

Here the changelog:

- New highly optimized  build system.

- Reduced mass of door.

- Added sticks and rocks. You will be able to collect them in next update.

- Really big performance optimizations. Now it gives me 15 more fps.

I'm updating my game slowly these times because i doesn't want to release another non-optimized survival game, now my game is bigger than before and it is hard to make optimizations.


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Version 7 Jul 27, 2017

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I have a question, do you think make a demo? To see if it runs on my computer x) it's just 0.99€ (I'm French) I know but.. you know x)

In any case, the game advance, as the updates arrive, it's cool to see! I hope you will go to the end of the project! :D

First of all thank you for comment, its good idea to make a demo. I think i can make a time limited version without save option(save feature not released yet). I'm started making it now :D