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You, the lonest person in the world. I want you in my island. · By Egemen Kazanasmaz


Recent updates

What I am doing now? Where are the updates?! #2
Hello again everyone! It's been a while from last post. I said I have an university exam next year. Now I am studying all time. I will participate small game ja...
Update #7 "God of Skies"
Hello everyone, the new update is here. I have university exam next year. So I'm focused on classes now. Also I am working on a Minecraft server as a plugin dev...
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What I am doing now? Where are the updates?!
First of all I think the puddles on rain looks weird. I started to fix them. There are too many ways to do it and all of them looks weird. So I combined some as...
Update #5 "Seasons Update"
Here the new update! Changelog: - Some water physics added! - Rain system created. - Underwater design is started. - Now you can collect rocks and sticks. (But...
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News About Lonest
Now Lonest has demo (as requested by Neilerua) ! You can do whatever you want for a 10 minutes. Another thing is i will not update game for a week and then i w...
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Update #4 "Builders Update"
Now I am here with new update. Here the changelog: - New highly optimized build system. - Reduced mass of door. - Added sticks and rocks. You will be able to c...
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Update #3 "UI Update"
Hello everyone. The third update is released. From now i will give names to updates :) And I uploaded a gameplay video. So check it out! Changelog: - Added m...
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Update #2
The update 2 is here! Changelog: - Added inventory system. - Added build system. To place a house press "b", to get item from floor(its a bit buggy) press "e"...

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